Fall update #1

So. A lot has happened since last time. We lost our rehearsal space, and got a new one at the local youth house UFFA. Great stuff and thanks a bunch!

We`re currently on route in the writing process of the next album and are about half way there. Should be recorded in early november if everything goes as planed.

Theres also some new stuff from the vaults at our Bandcamp for those of you who like tunes from before we learned how to play our instruments.

A gig is also planed at UFFA with the swedish Doom quartet “MOLOKEN”, saturday the 4th of October. Should be good!
We will be playing a lot of new stuff that evening, so If you have the time and are interested, come by!

Chris other band, Concrete Steps are also currently working on new stuff for a local Hardcore/Punk Compilation 10″ which also should be out sometime later this year.

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