Dj D-beat & Dj Vomit playing tonight

Timo and Chris will be playing records tonight at 33/33 at Blæst.

Come and drink and have fun!
33/33 DJ D-Beat & Vomit event on facebook


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Siri Hovland Kaldal shot some amazing pictures of the Svartsyn/hell hell hell/forræderi evening a couple of weeks ago.




Check out the whole gallery on facebook

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Another Liveclip from the Svartsyn/hell hell hell/forræderi gig

Den siste fanen faller + Valgets kval. This time played rather well 🙂

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Split 7″ with Higgs Boson!

Alright. Seems that the next release will be another split 7″ with our good friends in the powerviolence act Higgs Boson.

Any labels interested in either co-releasing it, or releasing it please get in touch by mail or facebook!

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Lyrics explanations and more gigs

So, were going to warm up for Svartsyn when they play their final gig @Lobbyen the upcoming saturday.

Chris also wrote some lyrics explanations for any non norwegian speaking listeners. Head over to the Lyrics page for an explanation.

also, chris has begun to put up shows with Paradoksal Booking here in trondheim. So, if you are on tour and in the area, get in touch!

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